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<strong>Preparing Duke Energy Employees&#160;For a Solid Retirement Future</strong>&#160;

Preparing Duke Energy Employees For a Solid Retirement Future 

As an employee of Duke Energy, your comprehensive benefits package has valuable financial, healthcare, and insurance benefits. 

At Coastal Financial Advisors, we help many Duke employees by educating them on how to make strategic elections to maximize their corporate benefits in retirement. With a fiduciary mindset, familiar with the Duke Energy plans, we can craft a strategy with our recommendations to make the most of your Duke retirement benefits.  

Duke Energy Retirement Plans offer many benefits.  Let us help you navigate these options to maximize income, reduce taxes and mitigate risk in retirement.

The Duke Cash Balance Pension Plan - Provides a lump sum or annuity stream over your lifetime.  We can help you decide.

The Duke Retirement Savings 401(k) Plan - Allows you to make contributions to a Roth IRA with tax-free earnings, pre-tax contributions to a 401(k), or if you have Duke stock in your plan we can determine the best mix for you.  We will address both pre and post retirement strategies to make the most of your retirement dollars.

Duke Medical Plans - As an early retiree, you will have several different plans and coverages.  We can help you determine the best course of action leading up to Medicare which starts at age 65.  

Life Insurance - Basic, supplemental, spousal, business travel and accidental death coverage all end when you retire from Duke.  After that, the amount of needed life insurance is unique to each employee.  Let us build out a solid and economical retirement plan that supports you, your family and your retirement goals. 

Social Security - At CFA, we use a sophisticated program that optimizes your income to age 100.  We can help determine when is the best time to draw on your social security benefit, maximize your retirement income and reduce your taxes from multiple sources.

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